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Super Save Fence Rentals provides the most durable, highest gauge steel fencing in the industry. Proudly made in Canada

For Your Home, Business or Special Event

  • 4 feet, 6 feet, or 8 feet tall 10 feet wide fencing panels that are welded and interlocking
  • Panels are stable and free standing
  • Gates can be setup as required
  • Additional fencing during the course of the project can be added
  • 100% Canadian made
  • Fencing systems conforms to all provincial safety requirements
  • Same day and 24/7 emergency services available


  • Mesh Screening: Blue or black privacy screening
  • Security Clamping: 4-bolt security clamps
  • Security Spikes: To secure in rough or uneven terrain
  • Gate: 3′ or 5′ man-gates for easy opening access
  • Wheels: 1″ plastic wheels (for asphalt/concrete surfaces) 6″ rubber wheels (for gravel/grass surfaces)
  • Sandbags: Placed on bases for added stability
  • Base Shields: Visible bright shields that are attached to bases increasing public safety
  • Jersey Barrier Bases: Bases that allow panels to sit atop jersey barriers.

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19395 Langley Bypass, Surrey BC. V3S 6K1 Phone: 604-533-4423 or Call 1-800-665-2800 Fax: 1-888-808-0020 Email: sales@supersave.ca

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