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Originally started in 1987 to serve the propane needs of our Super Save Gas station customers, Super Save Propane has grown to supply bulk propane to residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and the Yukon.

We also supply propane for:
  1. 24 hr Cardlock automotive customers (in British Columbia)
  2. Retail gas outlets
  3. Special events (heat for outdoor events, fuel for concession stands)
  4. The film industry (special effects and general operations)
Super Save Propane operates propane bulk storage plants in the following cities across Canada:
  • British Columbia – Kamloops, Prince George, Duncan, Courtenay, Langley
  • Alberta – Calgary
  • Ontario – Mississauga
  • Yukon – Whitehorse
Whether you’re a Construction Manager responsible for building a multi-million dollar office tower or you’re doing a small renovation on your home, Super Save Propane has the equipment, experience and expertise you need for any size heating project.

We offer free on-site inspections and evaluations to help ensure that you are comfortable using our equipment, and that all the health and safety issues surrounding the use of the equipment have been addressed. In addition, as we work very closely with your local Gas Safety Authority, we can help in obtaining any necessary permits that may be required for your project.

We offer and stock a wide variety of both direct and in-direct fired heaters as well as a wide range of propane related accessories such as vaporizers, regulators and ducting to suit the needs of your project. With over 25 years in the temporary heating business, our Sales Team and Service Personnel are there to help assess your heating needs and provide a temporary heating system that works for you.

Frost Fighter Frost Fighter (Indirect Fire Heater)
Download for details and specifications:
Frost Fighter 350k BTU Specifications (PDF document)

LB White Premier Heaters L.B. White Premier Heaters
Download for details and specifications:
LB White Specifications (PDF document)

Open Flame Heater 150,000 BTU Open-Flame Heater
Download for details and specifications:
Salamander Specifications (PDF document)
residentialpropane-229x219Propane is a safe, efficient and reliable way to heat your home, and propane is an excellent alternative source of heating fuel in locations where natural gas is not available. Most furnaces, hot water tanks and fireplaces can be adapted to utilize propane as opposed to natural gas. Super Save Propane provides a variety of different-sized bulk propane tanks to supply fuel for these and other appliances. Detailed information on tank sizes and uses can be found here.

Our experienced customer service and sale representatives will work with you to determine which tank size and service frequency will best suit your needs.

Super Save Propane offers convenient payment options for residential customers. Our Budget Payment Plan spreads the cost of fuel, storage tank and equipment rental over 12 equal monthly payments. In addition, customers can sign up for our Price Protection Plan. A low yearly fee will lock your price in for the year, regardless of what happens with pricing at the refinery.

For details: Price Protection Form (PDF Document)
Propane is an incredibly versatile fuel and can be used in a number of applications in commercial and agricultural environments. Propane is often selected as the fuel of choice for many reasons, including: its portability, accessibility, lower cost in relation to other alternative fuels, and its clean-burning properties. We provide bulk propane tanks ranging in size from 80 to 30,000 US gallons to satisfy the various needs of our customers. cylinderpropane-229x219 Some of the most common applications for propane usage are:
  • Heating (hot water heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, space heaters, pool heat, patio heaters, temporary heaters)
  • Materials Handling (forklifts) Driving (commercial motor fleets)
  • Crop Management (moisture control)

No matter what your need may be, our experienced Sales and Service staff are available to work with you. We provide a free site analysis to ensure a safe and efficient installation.

Cylinder Service

Super Save Propane offers both Cylinder Exchange and On-Site Filling programs to fit the needs of your business. Whether you operate an entire fleet or just a single forklift, we can provide the service you need to keep you moving. Although some of the businesses we service require daily deliveries, the vast majority of our cylinder customers are serviced on a weekly basis. We will provide you with the cylinders you need free of charge, and set up a service schedule that works best for you.

Cylinder Storage Cages
Once we determine the number of cylinders that you require, we will help locate a safe and sensible location to store them. It is mandatory that your propane cylinders are stored outside; we offer lockable storage cages of all sizes to suit your needs. The cages are designed to store the cylinders in an upright position to ensure that their safety relief valves remain in the proper position.

All cylinders must be inspected and re-qualified every 10 years. Each cylinder has its most recent test date stamped on it and it cannot be refilled once that date has expired. In addition to confirming the expiry date, our drivers perform a pre-fill visual inspection. This further inspection confirms that each tank is fitted with the proper safety identification labels and that there are no visible dents, markings or signs that the tank may be unstable.
Super Save Propane Cardlock cards offer access to propane filling stations throughout British Columbia, with most cardlock pumps offering 24 hour access.

Click to download a list of our Cardlock sites: Cardlock Sites (PDF Document)

Click to download our Cardlock application: Cardlock Application (PDF Document)
Click to download our cylinder specs:
Cylinder Types and Specs (PDF Document)
Residential and Commercial Tank Sizes and Uses (PDF Document)

Click to download important safety information:
Propane Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF Document)
Does Super Save Propane service BBQ Tanks?
No, but you can take your BBQ tank to any Super Save Gas station for filling and/or replacing. New BBQ tanks are available for purchase at Super Save Gas stations.

Do you carry anything smaller than an 80 gallon (PIG) tank?
Not for residential applications, but we do carry cylinders for forklifts, and 100lb cylinders for construction heat.

How many litres are in a tank?
See above, under "Tank Specifications & Safety Info", for full details about our tank sizes.

What is the price per litre?
Please call us for current pricing at 1-800-665-2800.

How long can I keep my cylinder before it expires?
10 years, then it needs to be re-certified/re-valved.

Where can I re-certify my tank?
If you have a BBQ tank that needs to be re-certified, it is easiest to return it to any Super Save Gas station, or your local hardware store, and purchase a brand new tank.

Where can I dispose of expired propane tanks?
Expired propane tanks cannot be disposed of in your general waste. Consult your local landfill for instructions on how to properly dispose of expired propane tanks.

Does Super Save Propane sell tanks and parts to the general public?
No we don’t. Please check your local directory.

Does Super Save Propane sell propane appliances?
No we don’t. Please check your local directory.

Can Super Save fill the tank I currently have on site?
Super Save Propane will not fill a competitor’s tank. We will, however, fill a customer-owned tank once a waiver letter has been signed.

Does Super Save Propane do propane car conversions?
No we don’t. Please check your local directory.